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Bioresonance therapy is an alternative method to assess variety of health problems of a patient. It's a non-invasive method, which means the patient does not have to worry about any risks associated with invasive examination or other techniques which are often used in our conventional model. S-Imago has been designed for a wide range of purposes, from exact and accurate assessment of a patient's total health condition, to determining the key critical factors that are breaking down a patient's health, and even determining the risk factors leading to long term crisis. It can easily detect viruses, bacterial, fungal and even parasitic infections. It can assess levels of tissue, organ and system toxicity and disclose the sources causing this toxicity. And at the same time it can produce unique therapeutic effects on body and aids in a faster more natural recovery.


The old thinking was that power was money in the hands of the few, the new thinking today is that power is information in the hands of many.


For many of you the information on this site is new, for some, it is a review of ideas and concepts you are already familiar with. Either way I trust you will find what you are looking for.  I have personally been on a path pursuing and practicing energy based natural healing for 32 years. The S-Imago technology and Bioresonace healing represents where we are right now as a global culture discovering new and more effective ways to care and regenerate the human condition. As you explore these pages please realize that you are reading about one of the most advanced healing technologies that we have available to us at this time.


I trust that the information that you find on this website will help empower you in your continued journey towards health and healing.


Welcome to the world of Bioresonance healing.



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